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Father’s Day in Niagara Falls

So you want to bring Dad to Niagara Falls this year for Father’s Day, eh?

Family viewing the Niagara River

Of course, you do. Where else can you find so much to do, in one world-famous place where getting around is so easy and where you have one of the world’s most famous settings – the falls themselves – practically at your doorstep.

Try this: As soon as you arrive and get to your room at the Howard Johnson Plaza by Wyndham by the Falls on Victoria Avenue, step outside and listen carefully.

Chances are even with the din of all those touristy things, you can still hear the roar of the falls. Especially early in the morning – it’s a thrill you’ll always remember.

So you’re at HoJo with Dad. Here are five things you might try that a guy like him especially will enjoy, all within walking distance.

Nothing wussy. Nothing that’ll have him counting the minutes until it’s over. This is a man’s holiday, after all.

Start off with some magic. Just over on Ellen Avenue is the Greg Frewin Theatre, owned by and featuring performances by one of the world’s greatest magicians.

Greg Frewin has headlined Vegas and been honoured all over the world. He doesn’t take many days off, so you can get tickets to a show pretty much every day during the summer.

And you’ve gotta try Niagara Speedway, just down the street at the top of Clifton Hill. It offers three storeys of go-kart racing with hairpin turns and straightaways where you can really get going.

Check out the pictures online – it’s one of the best go-kart tracks in North America, a perfect destination for an old guy like Dad.

Across from there, on Centre Street, check out Rock Legends Wax Museum. 

They’ve got all the stars re-created there – the good ones you like, and the oldtimers Dad still listens to because that’s what he heard when he was a teenager and some guys never change.

Your walking tour continues – and even Dad’s old knees won’t be challenged here, because these are all short walks. 

OK, next stop Casino Niagara.

At the bottom of Clifton Hill, turn left and you’re there. Thousands of slot machines, hundreds of table games, great restaurants and shopping.

It’s actually one of two casinos in Niagara Falls but this was the first, opened in 1997. It was only the second one ever opened in Ontario, after Windsor, and it set the pace for all the gaming halls that have followed since.

Finally, the last of our five stops is right on the way back to HoJo’s. 

It’s Nightmares Fear Factory, at the top of Clifton Hill and a few doors down on your right. Reputedly built inside an old coffin factory, it bills itself as the scariest of scare houses in North America.

Have a look at the pictures online and see for yourself – you can’t fake that kind of fright. It’ll be a good test of Dad’s endurance, right around the time he usually has his afternoon nap. That’ll wake him up!

OK, now you owe Dad a nice meal at the end of the day. 

HoJo’s has you covered. Come inside and choose between Denny’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, The Keg, and, for dessert, maybe you’ll want to stop at Baskin-Robbins.

You’ve tired Dad out, but given him a heck of a Father’s Day. You should be proud of yourself!