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Niagara Falls WEGO Bus

WEGO – Ride to Fun! 

The Howard Johnson Plaza by Wyndham by the Falls is thrilled to announce the new WEGO Visitor Transportation System with a dedicated stop right out front of the hotel to serve our guests! 

WEGO delivers a seamless connection between the attractions within the city and Niagara Parks as well as other parts of the city, helping you to experience all that this world-class destination has to offer.  WEGO is fully accessible and will operate year-round, giving easy, convenient service to travellers from around the globe who visit Niagara Falls. (click here for current fares)

Niagara Falls WEGO Bus

WEGO – Routes

WEGO Green line – Niagara Parks (Parkway)
WEGO Blue line – Fallsview Boulevard to Clifton Hill (North/South)
WEGO Red line – Lundy’s Lane (East/West)
WEGO Purple line – Downtown Queen Street (Loop)
(click here or current route map)

WEGO – Features

WEGO buses are all equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to ensure you enjoy a safe, comfortable and efficient transportation experience. These technologies include:

Infotainment System: video monitors provide entertaining video clips of Niagara attractions as well as notices on local events and weather conditions.

Automated Stop Announcements: the next bus stop along the route is announced via audio for persons with visual disabilities and a messaging sign to assist persons with hearing challenges.

Transit Signal Prioritization: transponders on the buses notify oncoming signal lights to ensure the buses efficiently move through the routes with minimal time losses.

Each WEGO bus can transport 2 bicycles on front-mounted racks.

Stroller Policy
Passengers with strollers can wheel their stroller onto the bus with the infant in the stroller. While on board, the stroller may be parked in the wheelchair securement positions with the infant in the stroller, preferably facing rearward. The infant must be secured into the stroller and the brake/wheel lock applied. In addition, the adult shall hold the stroller while the bus is in motion.

If the two wheelchair securement positions are full, or if a passenger requiring one of these positions boards, the stroller must vacate and move to another seat where the infant can be removed and the stroller can be folded and safely stored between the seats to ensure the aisle is kept clear.