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Niagara Falls owns the winter holidays. This city was made for family getaways like Family Day and March Break. Alright, there are no ski hills here. But everything else is here is that a family needs for a fun, affordable getaway. And we mean everything... Indoor water parks, natural wonders, rare and tropical wildlife in indoor settings, wax museums, thrill rides and live entertainment.  It's all here, within easy walking distance or in some cases a drive of a kilometre or two.

To enter, just swipe your card once daily at the casino between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. and you’re eligible. And then, just in time for the NFL season there are MVP Sundays. Any time you spend $50 or more for two people at Casino Niagara’s LEV2L Sports Bar, you each receive $10 in downloadable slot credits after you bring your receipt to the PAC booth. Of course, free parking is included in the offer.

Imagine the view – you’re literally flying, downhill, going 70 km-h (or 40 mph) into the face of Niagara Falls! Yes, you are securely connected to the zipline overhead, and yes you have a guide with you. But it sure feels dangerous in that harness.  You’ve started from a height of 67 metres (220 feet) and you’re going high-speed along the edge of the Niagara River gorge with the wind in your face and the person beside you screaming their head off. That’s the experience of ziplining in Niagara Falls, starting from WildPlay Niagara Falls on the Niagara Parkway.

Niagara Falls is a constantly evolving magnet for tourists and families looking for a little escape. Pretty much everything you could want, from relaxation to excitement, thrills and chills, it is all here. And if you don’t find it now, check back soon – every year new attractions are being added. But it’s not always the new that pleases the crowds. Some of the oldest draws in Niagara Falls are still the most loved, like the Hornblower boat cruises, the lovely waterfront and the falls themselves. The Whirlpool Aero Car would surely fit into that category.

Before there were casinos and ziplines and floral showhouses and wax museums and sky-high towers, there were the falls. By themselves, the Horseshoe, American and Bridal Veil falls were enough to draw visitors from across North America. Many came here to be married, which gave the city the nickname The Honeymoon Capital of the World. Even more, though, came just to be thrilled by the awesome cataracts. The mist, the roar of the water, the magnetic pull they seem to exert on you as you look at them.

When you visit Niagara Falls in the summer, you want to be outside (especially this summer, after what felt like a never-ending winter). Of course, there is a lot to do indoors in this city. An awful lot to do. But for now, let’s step outside and see what the Falls has to offer, in no particular order. How about some golf? There are more than 30 in Niagara region, and nearly half are in Niagara Falls or just a very short drive away.

So you want to bring Dad to Niagara Falls this year for Father’s Day, eh? Of course, you do. Where else can you find so much to do, in one world-famous place where getting around is so easy and where you have one of the world’s most famous settings – the falls themselves – practically at your doorstep. Try this: As soon as you arrive and get to your room at the Howard Johnson by the Falls on Victoria Avenue, step outside and listen carefully.

There’s no better place to celebrate Mom this year than the Honeymoon City. Niagara Falls is famous as a centre for love – not just the romantic kind, but also for kids and moms, and moms and their families.  When you come on down, you’ll need a home base for your stay, and all roads lead to the Howard Johnson By The Falls, strategically located on Victoria Avenue right at the top of Clifton Hill, the city’s world-famous street of fun and games.

It’s hard to get into the March Break mood when the thermometer outside seems to think it is still early January, isn’t it? So do the right thing – get out of town. Come to Niagara Falls where, even if it is still cold, there is a ton of things to do that don’t involve skiing (how many times can you go down a hill and come back up again, anyway?) In no particular order, here is some of the fun that awaits after you make that trip down the QEW to Niagara…

It’s worth the drive to Niagara Falls – but what if you didn’t have to drive? There is a simpler way. That’s because Niagara Falls is on the GO – daily commuter train service connecting Niagara with Toronto has arrived, and more trips are expected to be added to the schedule before too long. For now, weekday service is limited to one round-trip that leaves Niagara Falls at 5:19 a.m. with a stop in St. Catharines on the way to Toronto, and the trip home leaves Toronto at 5:15 p.m.


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Howard Johnson by the Falls is one block to The Falls, Casino and Clifton Hill!