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Niagara Ice Wine Harvest Time

Niagara Ice Wine Harvest Time

For those wine lovers all over the world, you’ll want to head to Niagara in January for our signature ‘Ice Wine Festival’ month.  You’ll find wineries throughout the Niagara Region from Grimsby to Niagara-on-the-Lake.  January is an extremely busy month for these wineries as their winter harvest begins. 

Icewine is wine made from grapes that have been left to freeze naturally on the vine. The Niagara region has an ideal climate for reliable icewine production with warm summers to ripen the grapes and cold winters until -8°C or lower is reached, concentrating the grape juices to give Icewine it’s intense flavour characteristic of Icewine.

Wineries watch the weather carefully looking for the exact temperature before harvesting, the right temperature produces very sweet juice.  When this happens, the wineries are set to harvest.  Typically, this takes approximately 6 hours to harvest and press the grapes.  Many wineries still harvest by hand and work well into the late night.

After all the hard work is done, people flock to taste this year’s harvest.  It’s a celebration that lasts all of January with events taking place all over the Niagara Region such as Jordan Valley, St. Catharines, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls.

One of our most popular packages is our Wine Tour package, which, during the wintertime, includes Ice Wine tastings.  Enjoy the rural agricultural of the wineries while staying in Niagara Falls near city attractions and during the Winter Festival of Light’s final month of lighting festivities.   We take care of everything including driving. 

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