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Niagara Falls Owns Winter HolidaysNovember 24, 2019

Niagara Falls owns the winter holidays.

This city was made for family getaways like Family Day and March Break.

Alright, there are no ski hills here. But everything else is here is that a family needs for a fun, affordable getaway. And we mean everything...

Indoor water parks, natural wonders, rare and tropical wildlife in indoor settings, wax museums, thrill rides and live entertainment. 

It's all here, within easy walking distance or in some cases a drive of a kilometre or two.

For a family headquarters during your trip, the Howard Johnson's Hotel By Niagara Falls, on Victoria Avenue, has everything you'll need including on-site parking, free wi-fi, indoor and outdoor pools and family-friendly restaurants including Denny's, KFC and Pizza Hut.

It's located a short walk from Clifton Hill, the famous 'Street of Fun' that is home to wax museums, thrill rides, video centres, restaurants and moving theatres, and it too is just a short walk from the American Falls, and a little further the Horseshoe Falls.

To learn more about the hotel, go to Be sure to check out the numerous special packages the hotel offers for visiting families.

The hotel is well-positioned, too. Geographically, Niagara Falls is really a mid-sized city so getting around isn't a problem, especially in the tourism district where the WeGo transit system carries passengers through a loop with stops at all the important sites.

Those stops start with the falls themselves, at the brink next to historic Table Rock House with its indoor attractions and restaurants.

But as stated, this city offers a ton of fun things for families to do (and casinos for adults who just want a little time together).

How about some things you just won't see at home? 

Try the Niagara Parks Commission's Butterfly Conservatory, on the Niagara Parkway just north of Niagara Falls?

With thousands of butterflies in an indoor tropical setting, you walk through a rainforest-like centre where the stars of the show fly around you, and sometimes on you, or on the rare plant life that's there too.

Next door is the Floral Showhouse, where the annual spring display continues through to April. Nothing like beautiful flowers to lighten your mood on a winter day, right?

There, we've planned some busy days for you. Head back to the hotel for supper, and the kids are ready for more. And if you want to make some magical memories for them, you need a magician.

Meet Greg Frewin. His nightly show, a Vegas-style production featuring eye-popping feats, beautiful assistants and a rare white Siberian tiger, is guaranteed to thrill. 

Before opening the Greg Frewin Theatre on Ellen Avenue (a very short walk from the Howard Johnson's), he was a regular performing in Las Vegas.

Most of all people come for our signature festival; The Winter Festival of Lights runs from mid-November to mid-January.  You'll see fireworks on Fridays, and interactive lighting displays placed all along the parkway.  The view is breathtaking.  If you love the cold, then dress in your layers and plan to spend New Year's Eve in front of the Falls for a live, free, concert.  This year our headlining act is Bryan Adams!

So there you go - set up your base camp at Howard Johnson's, then head out into the city. They'll be days you and your kids will never forget.

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Howard Johnson by the Falls is one block to The Falls, Casino and Clifton Hill!