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Summer of Thrills

The Niagara Falls Summer of Thrills, The Best FREE Show next to the Falls!

July 2 to September 7 – Experience the Niagara Summer of Thrills in Niagara's Clifton Hill District all summer long! At the top of Clifton Hill, watch in amazement right from the Howard Johnson Hotel by the Falls as Victoria Avenue becomes electrified and energized with outrageously daring street performers and death-defying thrill acts high above the skyline.

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Motorcycle High Wire Act


Spellbound onlookers gaze towards the sky as they witness a motorcycle balancing atop a thin steel cable with a trapeze aerialist beneath it. The motorcycle rider completes several death-defying stunts, including free-standing on top of the motorcycle, as the aerialist performs various acrobatic stunts from the trapeze. Then, the motorcycle and aerial artist amaze the crowd by defying gravity and flipping the bike and trapeze numerous revolutions around the cable. Showcased between a 330 foot span; starting at 30 feet high and raising to approximately 100 feet high.

Sway Poles


Take in the unwavering courage of daredevil athletes atop 2 flexible slender poles. Witness unforgettable aerial acrobatics, a jaw-dropping midair exchange, and you won't want to miss the death-defying descent! Towering above Victoria Avenue at 70 feet tall and visible from a great distance, this heart-stopping performance couldn't be more high profile!

Wheel of Fate


The Wheel of Fate is a duo performance featuring an acrobatic daredevil acrobat on one end of a giant pendulum while his beautiful female partner counterbalances on the opposite end in an awesome display of incredible balance and impeccable timing. Witness the fearless daredevils as they build momentum while walking, running & jumping inside & outside of this huge revolving apparatus. Watch in amazement as these death defying athletes fly through the air like super heroes for the ultimate finale! This amazing attraction will have you hanging on the edge of your seat!

Fire Juggler


A wide range of versatile, professional performing artists who provide engaging, memorable entertainment, whether serving as featured stage entertainers or gathering their own audiences in festival settings - any place you'll find an assemblage of people or heavy 'walk-by' traffic. Variety shows are largely interactive and comedic, and showcase the talent and skill of many colorful and exciting circus disciplines - magic, unicycling, chain saw juggling, clowns, rola bola, escape acts, rope walking - to name only a very few!