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Niagara Falls Attractions

The Howard Johnson Hotel by the Falls hotel offers you and your family a wide variety of Niagara Falls Attractions and entertaining ways to experience Niagara Falls, all within close proximity to the hotel itself.  The convenient location of the hotel makes it the perfect choice when planning your next getaway as you can simply walk out the front doors and be in the middle of all the excitement and thrills Niagara Falls has to offer.  Whether you’re in the basin of the Niagara Falls themselves aboard the Hornblower Niagara Cruise boat tours or from 775 high up in the sky, it is all right here waiting for you to enjoy!

Marineland Whales

Marineland Canada

Take a walk on the wild side and touch the fur of deer, come nose to nose with a buffalo, feed thousands of fish at the fish feeding lake, admire majestic elk, playful black bears and more. Marinelands interactive animal exhibits and marine mammal shows will leave you with a greater admiration and appreciation for some of the most magnificent land and ocean creatures on earth.
Located 3 km from the HoJo By The Falls.

Niagara's Fury

One of the most spectacular, dramatic and immersive attractions in the world is right here in Niagara Falls, Canada. The Niagara Parks attraction - Niagara's Fury - has you experiencing the extreme, violent and beautiful birth of Niagara Falls first hand in a way you've never dreamed possible.
Located 2 blocks from the HoJo By The Falls.


Hornblower Niagara Cruises (Formely the Maid of the Mist)

Welcome to Hornblower Niagara Cruises, a thrilling new way to experience Canada’s most spectacular wonder of the world. We’ll take you on the ride of your life! An intimate tour that gets you as close as possible to the breathtaking flow of water, power and mist that is the magnificent Niagara Falls. Within the Niagara Great Gorge we’ll journey past the American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and into the very heart of the famous Horseshoe Falls. Hold onto your heart and keep your eyes wide open because you’re in for the thrill of a lifetime!  Located 1 block from the Hojo By The Falls. 

Skylon Tower

From the Observation Deck, 775 feet (236 m) above Niagara Falls and the Niagara Gorge, you will scan an awe-inspiring panoramic of the Niagara River. On a clear day, you'll see Toronto and Buffalo.
Located 3 blocks from the Hojo By The Falls.


Safari Niagara

Located 15 minutes from the hotel, Niagara Safari features an incredible range of exciting and educational activities for all ages including a petting park, guided tours, interactive animal presentations, splash pad, fishing, paddle boating, kite flying, concerts, movies and more!
Located 22.5 km from the Hojo By The Falls.


Bird Kingdom - A Tropical Adventure!

Your journey will take you from the depths of the jungle where you will discover mysteries and strange creatures to the top of the rainforest canopy. Explore ruins in this tropical splendor and discover over 400 birds of every description free flying amongst a tangle of vines and plants.
Located 1.2 km from the Hojo By The Falls.  


Whirlpool Aero Car

Situated 250 ft. high above the raging Niagara River, you'll look eye to eye with birds gliding effortlessly on thermal updrafts rising from the gorge as you travel safely across the Niagara Whirlpool. (Operations depend on weather conditions).
Located 2.9 km from the Hojo By The Falls.

Journey Behind The Falls

Towering over you is the wonder of Niagara Falls. Feel the mighty river explode all around you after free-falling more than thirteen stories over the brink above. The sound is deafening. Explore the tunnel behind the waterfall and experience the Canadian Horseshoe Falls like never before. 
Located 2 blocks from the HoJo By the Falls.


White Water Walk

Visit the Niagara Gorge where trillions of gallons are forced through the narrowest part of the river, resulting in some of the wildest white water rapids in the world. Stroll alongside and marvel at the relentless power and beauty of nature.
Located 3 km from the Hojo By the Falls.


Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory

Enjoy the fluttering and soaring of approximately 4000 butterflies set within the world-renowned Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens. Up to 100 different species move through a climate-controlled conservatory. Wearing bright-coloured clothing will attract them to you!
Located 3.8 km from the Hojo By The Falls.


Floral Clock

The floral clock was built by Ontario Hydro in 1950.  This unique attraction is a very popular stop on the Niagara Parkway and is photographed almost as often as the Niagara Falls.  The intricate designs on the face of the timepiece are created with up to 16,000 carpet bedding plants.  An attractive feature is a 10' wide water garden that curves 85 feet around the base of the timepiece - it's polpuar place to make a wish.
Located 8.7 km from the HoJo By The Falls.


Welland Canal

The ships of the world traverse the Welland Canal which links Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. A series of specially-designed locks allow Lake Freighters to climb the height of Niagara Falls over a 24-mile route. A number of viewing areas are available between the two lakes.
Located 17 km from the HoJo By The Falls.



This historical city was once the capital of Upper Canada. It has retained much of the flavour of early Canada and is home to the world-class Shaw Festival Theater and Fort George. Fort George has been restored and is open to the public daily in season and by appointment in the off-season.
Located 22.2 km from the Hojo By The Falls.

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